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How Many Train Derailments Are 'Normal'?

How Many Train Derailments Are 'Normal'?
“You could stand me up at the gates of hell but I won’t back down.”

The late Tom Petty in his song “I Won’t Back Down,” which has new meaning for some girls in Afghanistan. Blake Shelton and others, including a group of young female Afghan musicians, recently released a rendition of Petty’s iconic song. The Miraculous Love Kids is a nonprofit organization which aims to teach “guitar to war-torn, poverty-stricken children, in particular young girls who have little to no rights and are often forced into marriage and face the most extreme forms of violence.” Since August 2021 when Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, the group’s founder, the students, and their families have relocated to Pakistan. They have previously collaborated with members of the Foo Fighters and Rage Against the Machine, among others. Read more HERE.


Monday: Remember the Alamo! In 1836, the Battle of the Alamo commenced in what is now San Antonio, TX. The battle – which lasted about 90 minutes after weeks of buildup between Mexican and Texan forces – resulted in a win for Mexico, though spurred on Texas forces to continue their battle for independence. A SmartHER Angle: It wasn't just David Crockett who fought, here's more on the diverse group of people who fought as well.

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