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The Most Important Story

The Most Important Story
After tornadoes swept through Mississippi over the weekend, the Rolling Fork United Methodist Church survived. On Sunday, people gathered on the steps of the church to worship while surrounded by the tornadoes' destruction. 📷 Associated Press/Julio Cortez
“With God in the mix, we will recover.”

Wayne Williams, who lives in Rolling Fork, Mississippi. A deadly tornado struck the rural town of about 2,000 people this weekend. Despite the destruction, some spent their Sunday morning gathering with one another on the front steps of the still-standing Rolling Fork Methodist Church. One congregant stated, “It just means a lot for us to be able to get together and pray and be thankful for what we have.” Check out our cheat sheet for more about the tornadoes.


Monday: The Hungarian Parliament will meet to vote on Finland joining NATO; Hungary is one of the last countries to potentially approve Finland’s membership; Finland applied in wake of the war in Ukraine. And in case you missed it, cherry trees are in peak bloom in Washington, D.C. The first cherry trees were planted in D.C. on this day 111 years ago thanks to a few fascinating women who made it happen!

Tuesday: Five planets – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus – will be uniquely lined up in the night sky this week, but Tuesday is likely the best night to view the phenomenon (depending on cloud coverage). The Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs will hold a hearing on the Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank collapses. This begins two-days of hearings in first the Senate and then the House on the “recent bank failures.”

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