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Escalation In The Middle East

Escalation In The Middle East
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Did "The Press" shift world events? Here's your cheat sheet for the week ahead:

⭐️ Quote To Start Your Week: 

“I saw these letters, and I just completely freaked out. I freaked out, almost fell over, almost cried.” 

University of Nebraska-Lincoln student, Luke Farritor, reflecting on what it felt like as the first person in nearly 2,000 years to read a word from an ancient scroll with the help of artificial intelligence. The scroll, part of a larger collection discovered in the 1750s, has puzzled experts for centuries. Regarding the impact of this work, Robert Fowler, a papyrus and classicist expert at the University of Bristol in England, states, “Recovering such a library would transform our knowledge of the ancient world in ways we can hardly imagine …"

"The Greek characters, πορφύραc, revealed as the word 'PURPLE,' are among the characters extracted from the Herculaneum scrolls" (University of Kentucky)


Tuesday: The 2023-2024 National Basketball Association (NBA) season begins. Looking for a cheat sheet? Find the NBA’s ultimate guide to all 30 teams here. Plus, on this day in 1861, Western Union completed the first transcontinental telegraph system – paving the way for rapid technological advancement and the end of the Pony Express, the horseback mail service that previously provided the quickest means of communication across the nation. 

Wednesday: United States President Joe Biden hosts Australia’s Prime Minister during a visit which includes a state dinner (Pres. Biden’s fourth state dinner since taking office). And, on this day in 1764, Abigail Smith marries John Adams starting a union which endured the American Revolution, the nation’s independence, multiple presidencies, and a cross-continental long-distance relationship. Read excerpts from their love letters here

Abigail Adams (1744-1818) 📸: Library of Congress

Thursday: The U.S. Commerce Department releases the first reading of third-quarter gross domestic product (GDP). This number provides the largest measure of U.S. economic output and shines a light on the state of the economy.

Sunday: On this day in 1837, a great American storyteller was born. Rather than writing words on a page, Harriet Powers told stories in every stitch as one of the nation’s most prolific quilt makers. Read more about her fascinating story here.  

“1885-1886 Harriet Power’s Bible Quilt,” which displays unique quilting craftsmanship by featuring depictions of people, not just patterns; for example, the first panel features Adam and Eve. 📸: The Smithsonian Institute

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