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Weekend SCOOP: Everything You Should Know About The Solar Eclipse With "The Space Gal"

Weekend SCOOP: Everything You Should Know About The Solar Eclipse With "The Space Gal"
Courtesy of NASA ~ Want to download this map and view other versions? Visit NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio.

A celestial event ignites curiosity (and community) across the United States, and we have the perfect guest to talk to about it. Plus, we see first-hand why words matter in this week's news cycle.

A fun, informative conversation for all ages! Jenna talks with MIT-Engineer and New York Times Bestselling Author, Emily Calandrelli (also known as The Space Gal), about Monday's total solar eclipse and why it matters. Watch by tapping video above or listen on podcast! 👇🏼

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  1. A 4.8 magnitude earthquake, centered in New Jersey, sent trembles south to Philadelphia and as far north as the Massachusetts/New Hampshire border; So far, no serious injuries or damages reported. How rare is this event on the East Coast? "Since 1950 there have been about 20 quakes with a magnitude above 4.5, according to the United States Geological Survey. That’s compared with over 1,000 on the West Coast." READ MORE.
  2. The bird flu continues to impact poultry and cows (yes, cows). How it may impact your wallet and the supply chain remains TBD.
  3. Concerns rise about retaliation after an attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria, reportedly carried out by Israel. Notice the absence of the term "terrorism" in some of the reporting on the Middle East? Jenna explains why.

PSA: Check Your Glasses: A "can’t-miss celestial event" (a total solar eclipse) will darken the skies on Monday, but our parents were right ... you can "burn a hole in your eyeball" if you're not careful. Are your solar eclipse glasses certified? Check out this website and look for code ISO 12312-2 on your glasses.

No Glasses?: Here's how to make a viewer at home, or you can use a disco ball or colander as we learned from Emily in our recent interview. Thanks for this fun tip, @thespacegal! P.S. You can also watch with NASA!

"Curveballs with the Weather Forecast": Will cloud cover dampen eclipse viewing events? Only time will tell.

Eclipse Science: Small towns in the path of totality become hotspots for cutting-edge scientific discoveries. One example is this one stoplight town in Texas helping a NASA-funded project as the moon's shadow covers the area.

Celestial Lawsuits: New York inmates sue the state corrections department over the decision to lock the prisons during the total solar eclipse.

What's The Buzz ... on Wildlife?: Animals might go into nighttime mode as the skies darken, and one professor will use recording devices placed inside beehives to study bees during the eclipse.

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And that's your weekend SCOOP! If you have photos or video of you or your family viewing the eclipse, we'd love to share them in next week's newsletter! Email us here!

Be safe ... wear your glasses ... and may the force be with you ... 🌠

Jenna and the SHN Team 

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ICYMI: Words matter, particularly for journalists, where a simple word choice or missing context can change the meaning of a story for the audience. We have a good example of this this week: A mysterious attack on an Iranian consulate in Syria, with many news reports not mentioning the terrorist designations belonging to the groups involved. Why? Jenna provides one reason in this quick SmartHER Take.

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