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Weekend SCOOP: Iran, Israel And What's Next In The Middle East

Weekend SCOOP: Iran, Israel And What's Next In The Middle East
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Last weekend, we saw a historic attack by Iran on Israel. At the end of this week, we got news of an attack in Iran. All fingers have pointed to Israel, who has not officially claimed responsibility. Because the stakes of this story are very high, I wanted to speak with someone who has an expertise on the region. Behnam Ben Taleblu, a Senior Fellow at the Foundation For Defense of Democracies, not only has an academic and technical knowledge of this topic but also a cultural understanding of the dynamics at play.

Watch or listen to our conversation below. 👇

Did Israel attack Iran from inside Iranian territory? Why did Iran choose NOW to attack Israel?

What does Iranian graffiti tell us about the state of the nation? How should we differentiate between the Islamic government of Iran and the Iranian people?

All questions we tackle with Behnam Ben Taleblu who warns: “What we see in the Middle East, is not going to be limited to the Middle East.”

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