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Weekend SCOOP: Hydration Tips & a Cotton Candy Planet

Weekend SCOOP: Hydration Tips & a Cotton Candy Planet
Photo by Brooks Rice / Unsplash

Enjoy our round up of conversation starters and #ICYMI stories from the week. Cheers to a hydrated weekend! There weren't any emojis of clanging water bottles ... so these will just have to do 🥂.

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Feeling Dehydrated? HERE are some helpful tips for drinking more water. Herbed ice cubes, anyone?

clear drinking glass on white table
Photo by Giorgio Trovato / Unsplash

Post-Dinner Walks: How a lap around the block after eating dinner can enhance overall well-being.

Near-Death Experiences: Some who've escaped the pull of death have reported unique experiences. Scientists say additional research "may expand the boundaries of resuscitation, provide a better understanding of mind and brain, and shine a flicker of light on some of the deepest mysteries of existence."

Sharpen Your Pencils: Is cursive making a comeback?

fountain pen on black lined paper
Photo by Aaron Burden / Unsplash

42,000 Miles: The number of miles Founding Father Benjamin Franklin traveled throughout his life, "journeying farther and longer than any other American of his time."

"Cotton Candy" Planet? Astronomers discover that a large but light planet is made up of mostly gases ~ "The planet is basically super fluffy."

Hypothetical visualization of the planet scientists have found is as light and fluffy as cotton candy. Credit: NASA

A quick round up of interesting stories we covered this week on SmartHERNews.com:

The FDA approves self-collection screening for cervical cancer ~ "It’s to reach women who traditionally haven’t been reached."

✓ The latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) report is in. Learn more HERE. Remember, this report is used as an important gauge (high inflation = your dollar buys you less).

✓ The NFL responds to the commencement speech made by the Kansas City Chiefs Kicker. HERE is the link to the transcript of the speech so you can read it yourself.


Watch the video for Jenna's SmartHER take on the role of women in American society.

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And that's your weekend SCOOP!

Jenna and the SHN Team 

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