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Weekend SCOOP: Stories from Normandy ~ Remembering and Reflecting on D-Day, 80 Years Later

Weekend SCOOP: Stories from Normandy ~ Remembering and Reflecting on D-Day, 80 Years Later
Photo by Jorge Fernández Salas / Unsplash

Join me as we travel to Normandy, France - to walk the ground where the D-Day invasion happened, to see the historic sites up close, and to meet the dynamic people who continue to preserve this story for future generations. In today's special edition of the Weekend SCOOP, we aim to share with you facts, stories and insight that will both inform and inspire ... in a way that makes you feel SmartHER about the campaign that changed America's story, and world history, forever.


June 6th marked 80 years since the allied troops parachuted into enemy territory and stormed the beaches of Normandy.

D-Day launched "Operation Overlord" ~ the campaign that would shift the tides of World War II, ultimately ending Hitler's reign in Europe, and changing America's story, and world history, forever.

But why does D-Day matter?

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With Sand from Omaha Beach: A special French tradition gives the names of D-Day’s fallen a "golden shine."

Did you know? Over 1,000 women enlisted in the U.S. Navy helped safely code and decode secret messages during World War II, including messages about D-Day. Learn more.

The Rosies: Their work in shipyards and factories helped support World War II efforts, and many of these Rosies traveled to Washington, D.C., recently to receive the nation's highest civilian honor.

Red Poppies: A special flower with a remarkable history. Legend has it when troops stormed the beaches of Normandy they encountered thousands of blooming red poppies.

The First Lady's Story: She heard the news on the radio. Read First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt's account of events ... the day after D-Day: "The time is here, and in this country, we live in safety and comfort and wait for victory."

“He Had a Real Zest for Living”U.S. veteran Robert "Al" Persichitti (102), who served in the Pacific theater, died en route to Normandy, France. In his final moments, a doctor played music by his favorite musician: Frank Sinatra.

Photo courtesy of WROC-TV

A Quick Roundup of other stories and interviews from Jenna's on-the-ground reporting in Normandy:

What To Know: D-Day's Famous Photograph ~ TAP above or click HERE to watch. And ... learn more about Robert Capa HERE. Capa, a war correspondent, took some of the only photographs of the historic invasion.

Who Served: Utah Beach, Marking 80 years since D-Day ~ TAP above or click HERE to watch. (One correction here ~ OFFICERS earned an average base pay of $203 dollars per month ($3500 in today's money). But enlisted men earned an average base pay of $71.33 per month ($1235.47 in today’s money).

Inside a German Bunker with J.D. Huitt of "The History Underground": ~ TAP above or click HERE to watch.

Stories From Normandy: An Unexpected Conversation ~ TAP above or click HERE to watch.


We've listed a few museums, books, movies and shows that will help you expand your knowledge on World War II.


The National WWII Museum (New Orleans)

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (Washington, D.C.)

The National D-Day Memorial (Bedford, VA)


Check out a few of our favorites below or visit our SmartHER Reads list for more.

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Saving Private Ryan: "Based on a World War II drama. U.S. soldiers try to save their comrade, paratrooper Private Ryan, who's stationed behind enemy lines."

Band of Brothers: "This landmark 10-part HBO miniseries recounts the remarkable achievements of an elite team of U.S. paratroopers in World War II."

The Pacific: "The epic 10-part HBO miniseries that tells the true stories of three Marines fighting in the brutal Pacific theater during WWII."

Interested to hear how connected our SmartHER News community is to this day? Check out our Instagram comments on our D-Day coverage. We look forward to sharing more stories from Normandy with you in the coming weeks. And that's your weekend SCOOP!

Jenna and the SHN Team 

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⚓️ U.S. Navy Confirms Find of Missing WWII Submarine: The USS Harder likely sank in 1944 following an attack by Japanese forces, leading to the death of the 79 U.S. service members on board. Nearly 80 years later, a team from an award-winning archeology project that seeks to “discover and memorialize the 52 submarines lost during World War II” found the vessel more than 3,000 feet below sea level in the South China Sea. Read the full story HERE.

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