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Weekend SCOOP: Facts for Your 4th and a Free Gift Just for You!

Weekend SCOOP: Facts for Your 4th and a Free Gift Just for You!
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Should we really be celebrating America's Independence on July 2nd? In this early edition of the Weekend SCOOP we have SmartHER facts for your 4th of July Festivities (or all year long!) ... plus a free gift just for YOU!

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Because you deserve fair coverage of today's BIG stories and curiosity over commentary.

The Signing Didn't Happen on the 4th. On the 4th of July, we’re actually celebrating the *adoption* of the Declaration of Independence, not its signing. The Founding Fathers didn't sign the document until August 2nd.

But What Day Does John Adams Consider America's Birthday? July 2nd, 1776. The Continental Congress officially voted for independence on "The Second Day of July 1776" ... and in this editorial a history teacher explains why he's Team Adams.

The Secret to Eternal Life: Around 800 AD, a chemist mixed ingredients hoping to find the secret to eternal life–instead he created gunpowder. Now pack that into a bamboo/paper tube and … TA DA! Fireworks.

What color fireworks appeared in the night skies on America’s first 4th? Orange. Nearly 250 years later, see why fireworks sales may break records this year (hint - it's surprisingly not inflation).

But let's turn our attention from the skies to our stomachs ... How many hot dogs could you eat in 10 minutes? Click HERE to see the record set in Coney Island at the Famous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, held every 4th of July.

The One & Only: Our 30th President, Calvin Coolidge, shared a birthday with America. AND! He really loved animals. Learn how wild he made the White House HERE.

📷 : White House

Save the Turtles: On the first celebration of America’s birth, John Adams and thousands of others celebrated by eating turtle soup, a culinary delicacy that ultimately took its toll on turtle populations. We'll drink to this: prohibition helped save a "nearly wiped out" species.

In Remembrance: Founding Fathers (and former Presidents) Thomas Jefferson & John Adams died on July 4, 1826 – 50 years to the day after the nation adopted the Declaration. James Monroe, America’s 5th president, died on the 4th in 1831.

Old Glory: A symbol of patriotism (not partisanship): "It is not just an expression of pride and gratefulness, but also a symbol of certain scars and failures, and of the faith that we’ll keep trudging toward betterment."

What does liberty mean to you? (We'd love to share your thoughts)

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A few interesting stories we covered this week on SmartHERNews.com ...

🎨 A first-of-its-kind sketch shows a rare (and possibly the first) depiction of the Continental Army.

🏗️ A routine excavation before construction of a sports complex revealed barracks dating back to the Revolutionary War ~ more HERE.

📝 And the Supreme Court makes a ruling on presidential immunity. More on this in the video below–a sneak peek of our weekly SCOOP broadcast. We spend time with Insiders ahead of the broadcast and take your questions live! If you can't make the live broadcast, we send it to your inbox like this Weekend Scoop ~ so you can take a break from social media and take a moment for yourself. ❤️

Tap the image above or HERE to watch our SCOOP report. You can also listen by direct download HERE (or on podcasting platforms everywhere; HERE's our report on Spotify and HERE's our report on Apple Podcasts).

📖 A FEW INTERESTING OPINION PIECES ABOUT THE DECISION (You can read the ruling on the presidential immunity case ... in its entirety ... HERE.)

✔️ Trump immunity ruling has troubling implications for the election and democracy (Los Angeles Times)

✔️ A middle ground on presidential immunity (The Mercury)

✔️ The Trump immunity decision isn’t the end of democracy — but it is bad (The Washington Post)

And that's your (early) Weekend SCOOP! Over the long weekend we're honoring The Lesson “Of The Simones” and prioritizing rest. We'll return to our regular Weekend SCOOP next Saturday.

Have a love-filled, liberty-celebrating 4th.

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