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Your Weekend SCOOP: A Deep Breath and How To Protect Yourself from Overwork

Your Weekend SCOOP: A Deep Breath and How To Protect Yourself from Overwork
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A deep breath and a gentle review of this week's news, as we mark two important anniversaries and a holiday weekend for many.

Three quick facts we learned this week:

  1. Francis Scott Key helped negotiate a prisoner release when in Baltimore during the War of 1812. Key helped secure the release of an American doctor and family friend held by the Brits when a battle began. The British evacuated Key back to the harbor where he watched the fighting from afar. The battle would lead to a British surrender and inspire Key to write, The Star-Spangled Banner. We reflected on the life of Key as we covered the story of the Baltimore Bridge named in his honor; the bridge collapsed this week when a cargo ship collided with it.
  2. RFK Jr.’s new running mate, Nicole Shanahan, has a young daughter with an autism diagnosis, which Shanahan says helped form her strong feelings on medical care and environmental toxins. If you're curious to hear more, we posted Shanahan's speech as a podcast with a short intro from Jenna. Tap below to listen.
  1. Karoshi” the Japanese word for “death from overwork.” I learned this term in an essay by author Ryan Holiday which I joyfully recommend as a MUST READ ... despite also confessing to my own workaholic behaviors.

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"A Beacon In Our Valley": Marking one year since the shooting at Nashville's Covenant School, the school reflects on the love and support they received from a nearby church:"They immediately wrapped us up and said, ‘You have a home here.” 

Hostage Negotiations: A behind the scenes look by The Wall Street Journal as we mark one year of detention for journalist Evan Gershkovich: “The unreported story of this escalating hostage crisis takes place in clandestine meetings in hotels in neutral capitals booked under false names.”  

Here's the interview Jenna conducted with Evan's sister to mark 6-months of his detention:

An Early Easter: Here's why the Christian holiday occurs earlier than usual this year (hint: it has something to do with the moon!). 

"Egg-ucation": The White House Easter Egg Roll dates back to 1878 and will take place on Monday. Click the image below to see it through the years!

Eggcellent Ideas: Egg prices continue to rise. Check out some creative ways to celebrate Easter without having to buy as many eggs. 

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A Bonus Tip ... as we kick off Easter weekend, here is your reminder to take a deep breath.

And that's your weekend SCOOP. We'd love for you to join us on Mondays to kick-off your week with a SCOOP of nonpartisan news – we host a live broadcast, answer your questions and send out an overview so you're prepped and ready for the week! We love seeing you and making sure you're taken care of. :)  

Jenna and the SHN Team 

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