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SCOOP: An Unprecedented Attack & A Personal Note

SCOOP: An Unprecedented Attack & A Personal Note
Photo by Vinit Pathak / Unsplash

Entrepreneurship is many things, but unpredictability is the most consistent. I had an entire live report prepped for you for SCOOP today ... so excited to dig in. But overnight my eldest son and I both were hit hard with food poisoning or a stomach bug ... So we are still delivering the text of SCOOP below, but this is the first time I couldn't work through a sickness to visit with you LIVE since we launched SCOOP more than a year and a half ago.

Here is one of the lessons I learned while working on live TV: Sometimes an interview would fall through, your show might get taken over by breaking news (car chase, bad weather, etc.), which could lead to frustration; but I later learned, each time, there was a reason not to force reporting. So, I am sorry to let you down today, though hope to see you later this week with our live SCOOP report. 💖

Xo ~ Jenna

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