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A Mystery Rocks The Pentagon – Plus: Why Air Travelers Should Buckle Their Babies

A Mystery Rocks The Pentagon – Plus: Why Air Travelers Should Buckle Their Babies
Photo by Ross Parmly / Unsplash

Did you know an airplane's cockpit recorder only keeps two hours of data before erasing, and starting over? Just one of the many interesting facts we learned today prepping for SCOOP and covering an accident impacting Alaska Airlines (and beyond).

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“… This is for every little rez kid, every little urban kid, every little Native kid who has a dream, who is seeing themselves represented and our stories told by ourselves in our own words with tremendous allies and tremendous trust with and from each other.” 

Lily Gladstone accepting her Golden Globe for best actress in the movie “Killers of the Flower Moon.” Her win marks the first time an Indigenous person has won a Golden Globe for best actress – and possibly the first ever Golden Globe for an Indigenous person (the award ceremony dates back to the 1940s and there’s a dispute about a 1983 Golden Globe winner whose heritage has faced questioning). After receiving an ovation, Gladstone spoke a few words of the Blackfeet language, the native language of her community. 


Monday: Earlier this morning, the first United States’ commercial spacecraft seeking to land on the moon successfully launched (more on this below). Meanwhile on Capitol Hill, the Senate returns from holiday recess. A few topics on the table: U.S. aid to Israel and Ukraine, the U.S.-Mexico border, and staving off a partial government shutdown. In the sports world, the College Football Playoff National Championship takes place in Houston, Texas – streaming on ESPN at 7:30 pm ET. No. 1 Michigan plays No. 2 Washington. 

The U.S. Capitol Building. 📸: Louis Velazquez via Unsplash

Tuesday: The House of Representatives returns from holiday recess.  

Wednesday: The prominent House Homeland Security Committee holds a hearing focused on Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and the U.S.-Mexico border – telegraphing further momentum towards potentially impeaching the cabinet member. According to the latest data, the border continues to see a historic pace of people attempting to cross. Also happening on Wednesday, a Republican presidential primary debate will take place in Iowa – five days ahead of the Iowa caucus, the first primary election of the 2024 season. P.S. Find some important election dates here.  

Thursday: President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is expected to appear in a California court on felony tax charges.  

Sunday: Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II will step down from the throne after 52 years as monarch. The 83-year-old queen announced late last year her decision to pass her position to her oldest son, Crown Prince Frederik, marking “the first such resignation in Europe’s oldest ruling monarchy in nearly 900 years” (The Associated Press).  

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